When you give to Portland Bach Experience, you not only make an investment in the cultural and economic health of Portland, but also receive special benefits to enhance your enjoyment of the music and to allow you to share experiences with the artists who create it. Explore the benefits for each level of giving below.


The Counterpoint Guild — $25-$99

  • Recognition in Portland Bach Experience program

Counterpoint is a composition technique involving voices that are harmonically dependent (polyphony) yet independent in rhythm and contour. Bach is the master contrapuntist.



The BACH Motif Guild — $100-$249

  • Set of 5 J.S. Bachchoy correspondence cards from Rutabagabodega

  • Recognition in Portland Bach Experience  program

A musical figure using the notes B flat, A, C, B natural. In German nomenclature B flat is written as B and B natural as H, hence BACH. This cryptogram has been used by countless composers over the past 250 years as a gesture of respect for Bach’s influence on music. BACH are the notes on the Portland Bach Experience Logo.


The Art of Fugue Guild — $250-$499

The benefits above plus...

  • Admission for two to a dress rehearsal of your choice

  • J.S. Bachchoy tote bag with PBE Logo

This incomplete manuscript is the culmination of Bach’s interest in the compositional possibilities of a single musical subject. Die Kunst der Fuge consists of 14 fugues and 4 canons, each using some variation of the same subject (theme) and ordered in increasing complexity. The final work is a 4-voice triple fugue based on the BACH motif.  


The Well-Tempered Clavier Guild — $500-$999

The benefits above plus...

  • Reserved seating at all concerts

Considered amongst the most influential works in the history of Western classical music, the WTC is a collection of 48 preludes and fugues composed for Clavier, a generic name for any keyboard instrument: harpsichord, clavichord, or organ


The Cantatas Guild -- $1,000-$2,499

Giving at this level sponsors all costs for a Portland Bach Experience Instrumentalist or Vocal Soloist

The benefits above plus...

  • Invitation to Opening Night Celebration, a special post-concert gathering with PBE internationally acclaimed artists

  • Bach is perhaps best known for his cantatas: multi-movement works for singers and instrumentalists. Over the course of his life Bach wrote over 320 cantatas, including three cycles (years) of cantatas for every Sunday and Holiday in the liturgical calendar.


The Brandenburg Concertos Guild — $2,500-$4,999

Giving at this level sponsors all costs for a Portland Bach Experience Principal

The benefits above plus...

  • Reserved parking at all concerts

  • Invitation to a working rehearsal with pre-rehearsal coffee, cakes, and chat with Artistic Director, Emily Isaacson

Bach gave this collection of six instrumental works as a present to Christian Ludwig, Margrave a military commander from Brandenburg-Schwedt. The Brandenburg Concertos are now regarded as some of the best Baroque orchestral music.


The Goldberg Guild — $5,000-$9,999

Giving at this level sponsors all costs for multiple Portland Bach Experience artists

The benefits above plus...

  • Opportunity to dedicate a concert to an individual of the donor’s choice

  • With option to speak or have Artistic Director, Emily Isaacson, speak about the individual of the donor’s choice

The Musical Offering is a collection of keyboard canons and fugues based on a single theme given to Bach by Frederick the Great.  The Ricercar a 6, a six-voice fugue is regarded as the highpoint of the entire work and was put forward by the musicologist Charles Rosen as the most significant piano composition in history.


The St. Matthew Passion Guild — $10,000 & above

Giving at this level sponsors costs for Portland Bach Experience Artistic Director

The benefits above plus...

  • Private dinner for six with Portland Bach Experience artists.

Written for double choir, double orchestra, and soloists, the St. Matthew Passion is one of the greatest pieces of sacred music in terms of scope, length, ensemble size, and impact on future composers.  



In Kind Donor Benefits

Portland Bach Experience also values the in kind support of individuals and organizations. Please email bach@portlandbachexperience.com if you are interested in providing an in kind donation. 

In kind donors receive the following benefits:

• Logo placement on the Portland Bach Experience website

• Featured social media posts

• Free ad space in our June program booklet ($180 value)